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HO HO HO !!! Hello Boy n’ Girls – Christmas is nearly here, Santa and the elves are packing his sleigh full of toys and goodies, have you all been good ??  Well if you have we want to reward as many of you as possible by giving away some cool prizes !! All you need to do is leave comments on anything we post here on the site or over on FACEBOOK. What we’ll be doing is picking random winners daily & contact you via email (from the site) or via direct message (on FACEBOOK).

So get cracking let us know what you think about everything we share out and you could win some cool prizes along the way !!!

Competition starts now and will go all the way to Chrismas EVE !!

Merry Chrismas from the Capsule Computers CREW !!! HO HO HO !!!

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All
  • Cellophane Girl

    Yay! Happy Holidays to all of you too!

  • frankcastle66

    i hope i win but i also am happy for anyone else who does

  • Munkynut

    Cool!!! Prizes!!! Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas.

  • Thank you for playing Santa!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Fragger

    Cool, count me in. =P

    Merry Christmas. =)

  • Happy holidays and good luck everyone!

  • ropes

    Interesting contest I would like cookies with the milk as well.

    Who acts good by the way? Nowadays being evil is the new average.

    Merry Christmas!

  • DarkPassenger9

    Merry Christmas !

  • sempai

    Happy Holidays!!

  • simo_8

    Congrats on reaching 2800 followers on Twitter!

  • hestar

    ::fingers crossed::: hoping for a xmas day miracle 😀

  • kathyluman

    Merry Christmas. I have tried to be very good this year. But the again I’m only human. Best of luck to everyone 🙂

  • bozotheclown

    good luck to all and to all a merry christmas

  • jillyrh

    Love all your posts and Gaming News you post on Facebook and on twitter. You are a very generous company! Following @jillyrh on twitter and on facebook. Merry Christmas!

  • will285

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope the presents you got from Santa are good cause I’m enjoying mine.

  • swhitaker99

    I love this Christmas cookies on this page. Santa will be a Happy guy! Merry Christmas!

  • swhitaker99

    So…. does this make me the 2801st follower???

  • justcuzz

    Merry Christmas to our friends Down Under!

  • Steven Good

    Merry Christmas!

  • Diana10

    Hi! I am following on twitter too @didapr. Thanks!

  • soulfliesfree

    Yay for the Holidays! Following you on twitter @soulfliesfree

  • Merry Christmas! I hope you all got what yoy wished for.

  • Merry Christmas! I hope you all got what you wished for.

  • lavachoke

    merry xmas my aussie friends! thanks for holding the giveaway 😀

  • ivannawin

    woohooo I’m in!!! Thanks for tweeting about this. I’m loving the site and interested to check out cube points as well. The kids had me playing epic mickey for hours today. go figure.

    Happy Holidays!

  • kevin11

    Dear Santa,

    I have been good this year. I wish to win this contest.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    My Twitter is @kevincaoile


  • SickPigeon

    Hi again, I had to re-register for some reason. Not sure if its because of the new point system or my info was lost. Keep up the great work. Happy Holidays

  • Grouken

    Thanks for the contest. I hope to win something these days because Santa skip my house.

  • swhitaker99

    I love Christmas!!! Hope you had a Merry one at Capsule Computers!

  • swhitaker99

    Can’t wait for my son to open his Epic Mickey game tomorrow!! (Christmas is running one day late here due to travel!)

  • jillyrh

    Is it one entry per comment? I notice people entering more than one comment. If so put me down for a mil. LOL

  • meto

    Following and tweeting and love the giveaway you are having! Hope to win and wish everyone good luck. Capsule Computers Rocks!

  • Yippie, I’m in, Merry Christmas Thanx for the help

  • just tweeted, and posted to facebook, Thanks : )

  • mjellyicus

    Merry christmas everyone, hope Santa gave you something neat

  • Congratulations to the following 2 lucky winners !!

    kevin11 and Grouken !! an email has been sent to the account you have registed on.

    Merry Christmas to everyone that commented. Make sure you keep the comments rolling on all over the site site and also on our facebook FAN Page as we’ve been giving away christmas presents all week long. Plus we have our Capsule Computers Cube points (check it out here :

    The more you comment the more points you’ll earn to redeem for GREAT PRIZES !!

    Merry Christmas from the Capsule Computers CREW !!!

  • Thanks for the contest, good night : )

  • DarkPassenger9

    Yo, congrats to the two who won!

  • SickPigeon

    Cool if the winners are like cookies I’d be the creme filling. I’m right in between both winners

  • jaypea360

    Congrats to the winners.

  • Cellophane Girl

    Woo! Congrats to the winners!
    I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. 🙂

  • babybert

    Congrats to the winners! Glad I finally comment 🙂

  • ivannawin

    Congrats winners!!! enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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