Step aside 360, PS3 just overtook you

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Although the console wars have long since ended, that doesn’t mean there is still an undying rivalry between the big 3, or big 2 depending on how you look at it.  In this case, what matters is the big 2, Microsoft vs Sony, 360 vs PS3.  In the west, 360 has clearly been the fan favorite with the PS3 slowly gaining a healthy fanbase.  It should be no surprise, however, that in Japan the PS3 reigns supreme.  Microsoft has had an extremely hard time finding success, mainly due to the fact that the east doesn’t enjoy playing games where the main characters are muscle-bound rambos trying to compete with dragonball z for most unlikely things a human can do.  These types of games thrive on the 360.  Similarly, the west doesn’t enjoy playing games based around a cast of effeminate, adolescent boys and the occasional disproportionate, underage girl which explains why the PS3 has had a hard time selling over here.

But those are just the initial, fanboy reasons.  There are a myriad of complex reasons and explanations as to why they currently vie for power in their own foreign lands, but today I’m not talking about mere regions anymore.  I’m talking global, the final word in a fanboy’s console wars arsenal.  If you can prove that your console of choice has more global sales then that automatically means you win, right?  Well according to Japanese game developer, Tose, the PS3 has finally outdone the 360 by 1 million units.  In a recent press event to celebrate the company’s 30 years of game development, Tose released some statistics (I see no way of being able to prove that these are accurate, so take this with a grain of salt) and in them it shows that the PS3 has sold 42 million as opposed to 360’s 41 million.  What does this mean?  Largely nothing.  Both consoles are more or less equal, globally, as things should be.  A Famitsu link (translated) for those that want to see more of the press event.

Lets not forget to mention that the Wii has single-handedly destroyed both of its competitors with a staggering 74 million, almost twice the amount of both PS3 and 360 combined.  Proof that Nintendo is better?  Or that there are simply more soccer moms and 5 year old girls out there, you decide.

  • I was about to mention Nintendo completely destroying both PS3 and XBOX but you let everyone know about this right at the end. It doesnt matter if we have more soccer moms and 5 year old girls out there.. in my opinion the winner by KNOCK OUT is Nintendo. On launch the Wii single handedly revolutionised video games with its Wii mote and kiddy style games.. Now Xbox and Ps3 are attempting to follow in its footsteps with the MOVE and Kinect. Is it too little too late ? Well only time will tell.

  • Hmm, I though just a couple weeks ago, PS3 was 38 mil and Xbox 41. Also, the Xbox was selling more monthly. But, whatevs. 😉

  • Cellophane Girl

    It doesn’t really matter how many actual consoles that the companies sell, as they generally lose money on each unit. It really matters what people are actually playing and paying for games for. I have a Wii but I only play it occasionally. The 360 on the other hand is on ALL the time, and we own 2. We had a PS3 for about 23 hours but just didn’t care for it, and any games we really wanted weren’t console exclusive.

    I think console fan-boys are ridiculous. Different people like to play different things. The competition is great because it causes the companies to push each other forward. I hope all 3 consoles continue to sell well, and we gamers continue to reap the benefits of the competition.

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