Sonic 4’s Leaderboards reset

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Due to some cheating, Sega has decided to reset Sonic 4’s leaderboards to get rid of all the highly impossible 0’00″00 times. Instead of finding an actual fix for the broken leaderboards they have just decided to wipe them and make everyone do everything all over again. Don’t think that is depressing enough? They still don’t have a fix, so don’t get too attached to all those awesome times that you redo, once the cheaters come back to play the leaderboards will probably be wiped again.

This is a fair warning to everyone. If you are actually still playing the game, just assume all those awesome times you are making don’t actually exist.

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  • jaypea360

    Well that is a kick in the pants.

    Normally leaderboards are full of glitchers and hackers anyway so I don’t pay attention to them.

    Why didn’t they just remove the entries with zero seconds instead of wiping some peoples hard work.

    Once again hackers or modders ruin it for everyone. Scum of the gaming community if you ask me.

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