Beta for Unreal Engine available to download

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It is hard to believe that graphics can get any better.  Eventually, there will be no point to upgrading graphics because it would be impossible to make out any differences.  Regardless, the guys behind the Unreal Engine feel there is still much to be done and they have released the beta for download.  Anybody can download it or the full stable version at the official website for free! They have also put together a trailer showing off all the cool new options coming.  Has anybody here messed around with it or created any amazing creations?  Share them with us!

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  • Yer, this is good news, I used to spend a lot of time with the Unreal 2 engine back in the day making maps and junk. Hopefully the tools are easy to use.
    Just, to clarify this engine has been around for years and what is in the video is possible now in games, but it just has never been available to the public to play with.
    which would mean, Unreal Engine 4.0 is just around the corner

  • frankcastle66

    i would love to learn how to work with this i have some amazing ideas for maps

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