Halo Legends “The Package” Code Giveaway!

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I think it is a perfect time for yet another contest and this one is for the fellow Halo fans out there. I happen to have one code for a Halo Legends Episode, “The Package” up for grabs and entering to win this one will be very easy. In the comments below, explain how you first got introduced to the Halo Series and where you want to see Microsoft take it now that Bungie is finished.

The rules are simple, keep your answers spoiler free for those who might not have played a certain Halo title and give us some detail with your answers. You must have at least Xbox Live Silver and of course an internet connection to redeem. Good luck to all and a winner will be picked at 12:00 PM this Sunday (US Central Time).

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  • Khalid

    I was first introduced to Halo by Halo 1 on PC. Playing it was a so fun.

    I hope they will do a second set of anime, I was quite entertaining watching them.

  • Richard

    I was first introduced into this game a a friend, it started out as a limited edition green xbox aka The Halo Xbox and from then on, it took us three days to finish it on legendary and it was awesome!!!

    Long live halo and master chief!!!

  • jaypea360

    The first Halo on the Xbox. My friend bought a new xbox and halo and within a week, myself and 5 friends had our own xbox. We played system link at his house and it became a way of life for a while.

    Wires and CRT TVs everywhere. Pizza boxes and chip packets. Even my mates dad got in on the action. So many good memories and lost nights.

    It was a sign of things to come.

    As far as what direction I want microsoft to take it, I want them to keep true to the franchise. No drastic changes, just epic stories and quality gameplay we have come to expect from a Halo title.

  • SickPigeon

    Ok ok, I know it’s been a while since I showed some love on the sight. I haven’t strayed much and spent tons of time on other sights. It’s the end of summer here so when weather gets bad expect to see me here more often.

    I was introduced to the first Halo thru it’s advertising when the game came out. First time I played was a while after that. I use to supervise court ordered home visits for children. One of the parents had Halo and would spend at least 30 minutes playing with his boys during the visit. I got to play with them also. 39 minutes doesn’t sound long, he was paying $100 an hour to see his kids.

  • Onsyman

    Well I first saw multiplayer gameplay of people blasting their Warthog to random places with 4-8 grenades at a time. I immeadiately fell in love.
    I can’t decide where I’d want Microsoft to take this franchise, since it was never their responsability to handle it, I guess I’d wait and see what their first move will be

  • Julia

    I was first introduced to the first Halo game from my Husband (boyfriend at the time). He hosted some LAM parties and we’d drink energy drinks and played all night.

    I loved when Halo 2 came out and we got the energy swords. Straight up sword matches rocked my socks.

    I honestly don’t know where I’d like to see the series go, maybe more back story. A game that puts you through your spartan training and enhancements or something like that would be cool.

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