GTA Chinatown Wars HD now available on Apple iPAD

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You want an EPIC game on your iPAD.. then look no futher Rockstar today have released GTA Chinatown Wars HD for the Apple iPAD.  This is without a doubt the most polished version of Chinatown wars out.  With stunning 1024×768 HD graphics and improved controls.  GTA Chinatown Wars HD puts all previous versions on all three different platforms (DS, PSP and iPhone) to shame.  With a price tag of only $9.99 USD you’d be crazy not to get it.  If you haven’t play it yet, Chinatown Wars has everything you’d expect and want from a GTA game.  A fantastic story that will keep you guessing till the very end, lots of action, carjacking, shooting, destruction and anything else you could think of.

If you’re still not convinced check out our review of GTA Chinatown Wars on the iPhone here,  with its updated control system and HD graphics Chinatown wars looks like it could a perfect game !!

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Check out the screenshots below

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