Force Unleashed 2 to get some Monkey Island mixed in

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Facebook can be an amazing thing. You can talk to your friends and even find out about some special news if your fans of gaming companies. And boy did Lucasarts have a Facebook update today. They have announced that GuyBrush Threepwood of Monkey Island fame will be an unlockable skin for your character Starkiller in the Force Unleashed 2. There hasn’t been any new information beyond that he is unlockable, so what exactly you will have to do to get him is unknown.

Don’t be confused though because Lucasarts originally had their hands in creating Monkey Island so ironically this may have been a crossover for a long time just waiting to happen. We will get more information as it comes, but I have a feeling everyone will have to wait and see how to unlock this skin. If we do have to wait, then we will find out how to get some pirates in our force.

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