Hulu Plus will be coming to the PS3 and the Xbox 360 shortly! However if you have the PS3 you will be having the oppurtunity to take advantage of this service first. Unfortunately though you will not be able to enjoy this service for free, as it will cost an additional $10 a month for access. This access will be available for the PS3 next month in July. The iPhone and iPad already have access to such features.

Those of us with Xbox 360’s on the other hand will be dealing with a long wait, as we will need to wait until sometime in the early months of 2011. This is due to what Microsoft is calling a customized experience with the kinect and Xbox Live. Plus those with a Silver Membership will not be able to access Hulu Plus as Gold Members will be the only ones with exclusive access. That means an even higher price tag on your monthly fee for Xbox Live there. Anyone interested in these features now that they are coming out? Or does the additional price tag make it too costly as an addition.

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  • Neo_Metatron

    I really start to feel bad for everyone else in the world. You guys pay more for live and every year around E3 you have to watch MS unveil new live features only the US gets due to copyright shenanigans!

  • frank

    it should be the persons choice personally i would rather just download what i want and watch it for free and not have to deal with this because i tried hulu out and they never really had what i was looking for because they were missing episodes here and there and that bothers me if i am going to pay for it it should have all the stuff im looking for or at least some of it another service that does that crap is netflix they will put like die hard two on the instant watching thing and then none of the others ….thats a wtf moment for me

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