Cooking Mama bakes your iPhone

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At only $6.99 for Cooking Mama, Mama definitely likes. Compared to the other systems which the game has come out for, even the DS still checks in at $19.99. As it stands Taito’s Cooking Mama has been out for the iPhone for quite some time now; however it has been recently updated on May 27th to not only fix a minor bug, but to also add in the new feature of additional recipes. Cooking Mama for the iPhone comes with fifteen recipes to begin with, but now there is the option to purchase additional recipes for $0.99 each from an in-game menu.

Cooking Mama is a pedigree title with many people who enjoy it’s simplistic appearance but fun gameplay, I myself have played it for the DS and loved it. These additional recipes are some we have seen before but also include brand new recipes not seen in other Cooking Mama games such as the Shepard’s Pie. If you wish to purchase Cooking Mama click Here.

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