Dead Space 2 Dementia Trailer revealed

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EA has released a trailer for Dead Space 2 named Dementia and boy does the trailer deliver. It seems that after Isaac escaped the Ishimura he has still not escaped the mind altering influence of the marker and has lost his mind. It also appears from the trailer that we will be seeing a variety of new necromoprhs to go along with the new setting aboard a heavily populated space station.

Dead Space 2 does not have an official release date yet, but here’s hoping that it comes out soon so we can find out how poor Isaac is doing, especially now that we have a name to the face.

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  • frankcastle66

    im really looking forward to this one and as far as the trailer goes i think its pretty well done and i hope they add a bunch of new things to the new installment so that i can look into getting it

  • Andrenekoi

    I hope they show the game soon, maybe the E3 will be a good moment for Dead Space 2, one of my most antecipated games this year!

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