OMA to be tuned in MW2 finally?

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Well it seems that finally someone has caught the attention of Infinity Ward with the use of the One Man Army perk to spawn tube people across the map.

Firstly, check out this video.

And this one as well..

And then we get the following on the @fourzerotwo twitter feed:-

fourzerotwo Leaving Atlanta. Great to meet everyone who auditioned for @wcggamertvshow, now back to the studio. Seems there are OMA things to attend to.

In response to the question if he saw the video..

fourzerotwo @Muzzafuzza I did. I’ll bring it up with MP when I’m back in the studio.

Finally!! Is all I can say.  Has IW been blind the last few months.  There have been videos on YouTube on how to spawn tube for ages – Rundown, Afghan, Derail – it is all easily done.

Now what are they going to do to tune this?  They can’t get rid of OMA as it’s in the game, maybe limit OMA switches to once a life?

I like to tube like other people, but don’t use OMA anymore – I like to equip a tube and the Thumper with Sleight of Hand – fast reloads FTW!

Whilst IW are at it, can they tune the Commando lunge – this is bad, even with a shotgun blast to the head someone can lunge straight through it and stab you.

What do you guys think?  Maybe they should tune it so you can’t roast marshmallows as well!

Have fun!


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