Modern Warfare 2 Community Night with Capsule Computers Crew NOW SHOWING !!

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If you wanna know where we all are tonight.. Well we’re all playing Modern Warfare 2 with the AUSTRALIAN/NEW ZEALAND Xbox 360 Community

If your in the neighbourhood login to Xbox Live, Whack in your Modern Warfare 2 disk in your XBOX 360.

Look up and send any of us a friends request and have a great time !!

MasterAbbott, Deathdude222, Kingroc69, xI ROCK Ix 

The Community Event will be running from NOW : 8pm AUS EST to 12 MIDNIGHT

GREAT PRIZES like XBOX LIVE RETAIL GAMES will be given away on the night.

(you must live in Australia/New Zealand to be eliable to win)

See you all online !!


p.s. Don’t Steal Kingroc69’s care packages or there will be TROUBLE !! 😉

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  • shane (staelthman21au)

    Hey Guys

    Had ton’s of fun playing again everyone and hope you’s will be doing something like this again in the near future.

    PS LOL xI ROCK Ix your a hard one to knife

    Thanks Stealthman21au

  • frankcastle66

    i lost my MW2 …. sad face

  • shane (staelthman21au)

    o and where do we look to see if we won a game or not from the comp last night or did you’s just let the people know when you were playing?

    Thanks Stealthmna21au

  • Nickverms

    Great fun again guys.

    looking forward to it next time.

    third time lucky

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