Lost Planet 2 Never-before-seen “Cinematic Selects” series

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Watch, Enter and WIN !! Just by taking part and following Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 Social Networks  !!

Capcom have provided us with a three part exclusive, never-before-seen “Cinematic Selects” series highlighting Lost Planet 2 gameplay.  This is ultra cool and also very limited to certain sites.

Check out the Episode 1 below then make your way over to all three Lost Planet social community locations and enter to win great prizes !!

[pro-player type=”FLV”]http://www.capsulecomputers.com.au/videos/LP2GameplayCinematicEpisode1.flv[/pro-player]

Stay tuned for Episode 2 very soon !! 🙂

Connect in to the Lost Planet Community site below and also make sure your following the Lost Planet on both Facebook and Twitter !!

Community Site:            http://lostplanetcommunity.com/

Facebook Fan Page:     http://www.facebook.com/LostPlanet2

Twitter Profile:               http://twitter.com/Lost_Planet

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  • frank

    other than the boss battles this game seems pretty boring to me

  • Andrenekoi

    I’m still not sure about this sequel, it seems to have some ideas from the Monster Hunter series, which is always an plus, but i’m not sure how well they will merge that with the Lost Planet gameplay, or if the game will not be repetitive as the first one.

  • VibeVoid

    the 1st LostPlanet had promise but was still rough around the edges, LostPlanet2 seems to have fixed everything that the fans didnt like about the first. fantastic demo, fantastic campaign, lots of epic battles with 4player co-op this game just cant go wrong.

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