HALO:Reach Multiplayer BETA details

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A massive amount of HALO:Reach Multiplayer BETA details have been released. Get all the details here, it’s a long article but well worth the read for the true Halo fans.

HALO: Reach Multiplayer Beta Details

Some points from the article.

– Elites are much taller than the Spartans, instead of the same height as was the norm.  They are bigger, faster than the Spartans, maybe they are the 6 million dollar man equivalents.  This will be in multiplayer as well as the game.

– Load outs. Yes you heard right – ala Battlefield BC and MW2 – you can now change your loadouts.  However they are not player defined, but playlist defined.

– Active camo! This can be used by both Elites and Spartans to give you temporary invisibility.

– Elites can evade – bit of tumbling and rolling around to he had here.

– Jetpacks – you can fly and see those pigs. No seriously, this is pretty self explanatory – but get too high and no juice, be prepared to die a splattering death.

– Sprinting.. whatttttttttttttttt! It’s only for the Spartan’s and you can’t shoot whilst running.

– There are also some new cool weapons to check out and use. Grenade Launcher (anyone for OMA?), Plasma Repeater, Focus Rifle are all new additions.

That’s about it, let us know your thoughts?  One thing is certain, HALO: Reach BETA is going to knock MW2 off it’s No.1 perch when it is released.

Have fun.


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  • PlayingMantis

    I might check it out if I come across ODST for $10. Should be getting super cheap now that it’s bundled with the 120GB Elite systems. Never much liked Halo MP. The jetpack sounds interesting, but I was never very good at TRIBES either.

    Hoping the SP will be like Star Wars Republic Commando.

  • frankcastle66

    i hope this game turns out well and ends up being one of my favorite games of all time i also hope they put in forge mode but make it so you can change the terrain and such to literally make your own map instead of moving boxes

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