Bioshock 2 DLC not coming tomorrow

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I have bad news. If you were looking forward to the Bioshock 2 DLC set to release tomorrow your wait will have to be longer. The DLC was to add 6 new multiplayer maps, new masks, 3 new achievements, and a rebirth feature (which enables you to reset your level to 1 after getting level 50 and get a mask in return for losing 95000 some worth of eve experience, but whatever floats your boat). The DLC will now release at a later date, so hold on to those microsoft points and don’t go spending it somewhere else. You will regret it.

By the way, notice that i didn’t use any big words this time. Yeah, I did that just for you. Unless you count “multiplayer” or “somewhere” as a big word, but that’s just sad.

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