Sports Champions Dev Diary

Playstation 3

Move for the PS3 is coming, and one of the first games coming out that uses move is Sports Champions. The Dev Diary above discusses it.

Some key notes from the video:

  • 2 move controllers are being used, does that mean you have to buy a second one just to play some games?
  • It’s like playing a 3d game, you must picture the person in front of you as actually being there.
  • That Sword fighting games seems like a lot of fun, but the controller can pick up depth and speed, but how much exactly?

Ever notice how all demonstration videos are in big empty rooms?
What if my cat or dog walked in front of the camera? “No kitty! don’t play with the camera!”

  • frankcastle66

    sony may rip a lot of other people off but they seem to be doing it better because i really dislike how childish games are for the wii and that sword fighting game looks sweet

  • skull_x_man

    uhm…link’s crossbow training? wii sports resort? COME ON SONY!

  • The games look a lot better than other motion controlled games but I will always prefer a controller.

  • Andrenekoi

    The room where i keep my PS3 is really small, looks like i would have some problems with this controller.

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