Resident Evil 5… Oh I mean Zombie Infection out soon for the iPhone

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I don’t know how they do it but Gameloft have the knack for developing games created by other software developers on the iPhone that look and feel so similar to the originals its not funny.  So far they’ve cloned up Modern Warfare and called it Modern Combat.  Next Grand Theft Auto took a hit was remade into Gangstar West Coast Hustle,  there’s even a Warcraft 3 clone called Lost Empires and most recently even HALO was recreated and called N.O.V.A.  It’s so similar that the computer AI even looks like Cortana.  

Looks like the next game to get a cloning over is Capcom’s Resident Evil 5.  Gameloft have descided to call this title Zombie Infection. Check out the images below :

Now I don’t know about you guys but it looks like this level’s been ripped right out of the early African Level of Resident Evil 5.  I’m not sure what to say.  Look at the beef handing off the hooks and the Zombie that’s about to do its Resident Evil 4 & 5 trademark sidestep. 

From what we’ve heard you even come across a female character that servers as your sidekick in the game by the name of Shawna ?????? Man does it get any closer to Sheva ? Well so far from what others have reported the game actually looks and feels very good and some people have gone out and said that Gameloft have actually done a better job than Capcom have done with Resident Evil 4 and Regeneration on the iPhone.

Now where I come from,  those are fighting words !! Looks like Capcom’s going to have to step up and show the world who’s boss of the Survival Horror/Zombie style games and release an Official Resident Evil 5 for the iPhone.  After seeing how brilliant the Street Fighter IV convertion was on the iPhone,  I don’t think anyone will question Capcom if they descide to bring Chris and Sheva to the portable gaming device.   Remebemer this people, no one blows holes through zombies like Chris Redfield does !! 😉

What do you guys think ?  Your comments thoughts and suggestions ?

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  • Wow that’s pretty messed up how they keep on copying games. It’s also pretty funny.

  • LeperMessiah43

    haha copyright infringement anyone?

  • skull_x_man

    haha, lol @ gameloft…is this all you got?

  • Andrenekoi

    Looks like Resident Evil 5 cartoon edition, lol.

  • Johnny

    You guys are just noticing this from Gameloft? I’m just waiting for a better platform app that is a rip-off of Mario Bros. Eeven though I support the original games, but I don’t mind a copy that is just about good as the original for $2-$5 less than the usual $9.99 from certain developers.

  • frankcastle66

    are you sure these guys aren’t with sony? lol

  • Ty

    This game looks funny to me. Something about zombies always makes me laugh. I think I would love it.

  • versapak

    No iPhone for me, but that is pretty funny to see such a blatant copies. 🙂

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