Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – Game Play First Look Trailer


UBISOFT have releaded a great Prince Of Persia trailer showcasing the game play and developer notes as well.

Sit back and enjoy the trailer.  It’s shaping up to quite nicely.  We’ll have more information in weeks ahead. 

What’s everyone think of this new Prince Of Persia ? Your thoughts.

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  • PlayingMantis

    Looks awesome, and you can tell that the developers are into the game. I may have to pick up the old trilogy to check it out. Bah, too many good games to play!

  • Andrenekoi

    This game remembers a lot Sands of Time, my favorite on the series. I will buy this if Ubisoft decides to remove that crap DRM from their new releases.

  • Ty

    This looks pretty good. I would definitely check it out.

  • frank

    the last installment was a huge let down for me and the older ones to the day are still some of my favorite games and im glad they are stepping back away from cell shade( not that i have anything against it i just don’t think it fits the series) and going back to the time my favorite installments took place in and building on what happened in the time between them. i am going to be getting this game day one and it looks like its not going to disappoint at all

  • skull_x_man

    If it ISN’T like the last Prince of Persia, i’ll buy it. I agree with frank there.

  • Eh, Prince of Persia has always been just okay to me. I may rent it or buy it when it is 20 bucks, like I did with the last one (which I didn’t finish)

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