PoP: The Forgotten Sands GameStop Pre-order Bonus

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Remember when a new game came out and you would go to the store on release day to pick it up? Well those days are gone, you must now search for the best pre-order bonuses so you can get a game cheap, or get extra parts of the game only available through pre-order.

The bonus mode is entitled ‘Forgotten Arena’ and requires the player to defeat “waves of relentless enemies” in a survival mode style. There is no time limit, killed enemies will regenerate health and as the round continues more and more enemies will spawn.

The Prince of Persia Facebook page also notes that players who can defeat 100 enemies “may have what it takes to become a real Prince of Persia.”

What could this possibly mean? maybe a special weapon for beating the arena? What are your thoughts?

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  • frankcastle66

    i was thinking more of an achievement lol and i am getting this game day one because i love the series…except for the cell shade one i couldn’t stand that one at all but this one looks like its going to be the best one yet

  • skull_x_man

    I’m sick of these deals…i mean, why would a game mode/skin/dlc be blocked because u didn’t get it on time. It’s even more annoying if you bought the collector’s edition and realize you don’t actually get all the exclusive content. bull, in my opinion…miss the old days, like you said in the article

  • Eh, I’ll wait until it hits the bargain bin. Love the games, but just not enough there to keep me entertained compared to the other games.

  • Andrenekoi

    DLC is already the worst thing of this gen, these exclusive pre-order deals is now joining for an second place.

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