MW2 “Stimulus Package” Load Out

Xbox 360

the Stimulus Package map pack is coming March 30th to the Xbox 360 first. The price tag set for these 3 new maps and 2 remakes is 1200MSP ($15).

Details on the Maps:

  • “Bailout,” a multi-level apartment complex
  • “Storm,” an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery
  • “Salvage,” a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars.
  • “Crash,” a war-torn urban environment.
  • “Overgrown,” which features a massive dry creek bed.

“Bailout,” a multi-level apartment complex
A confined location, perfect for those annoying people that run around with shotguns and knives. Will most likely be hated by snipers and those who like picking off their enemies from a distance. Hopefully long corridors will lead to some balance.

“Storm,” an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery
This level is supposedly going to be stormy, with rain which will reduce visibility.

“Salvage,” a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars.
This level will lead to some pretty cool tactics, only if the crushed cars are set up properly.  Snipers could nest into some strategic locations and snipe between the debris.

“Crash,” a war-torn urban environment.
If you have played COD4, you will know this map. Basically it is the original Afghan map.

“Overgrown,” which features a massive dry creek bed.
A fan favorite, that is liked by most COD players.

A $15 price tag will make whether to buy this map pack or not a difficult choice for many players, but the extra maps look interesting enough to constitute a purchase. If you are still playing Modern Warfare 2, then you might want to look into this interesting Map Pack.

  • frankcastle66

    there’s no way i am paying for this map pack but if one of my friends gives it to me for free i will have a happy face

  • Nice summary here based on what we know so far but one thing I’ll point out.

    Bailout, the apartment complex will most likely be favored by snipers as it was describe in the Major Nelson podcast by Robert “402” Bowling as similar to COD4’s Bloc map.

    Long sights, courtyards, parking lots and multiple tier levels… doubt its terrain in which snipers will hate. I’m an avid sniper and look forward to this map the most out of the line up.

    It was Salvage that is said to be tight quarters where Commando and sporadic shotguns can reign freely and give a sniper headaches…

  • LeperMessiah43

    well i dont think that friend will do so because 15$ for 3 new maps i think your friend would probably pass

  • I’d rather get Megaman 10 and Perfect Dark instead.

  • skull_x_man

    better to spend 15$ on an xbla title than this

  • Andrenekoi

    $15 is a horrible price, i would never pay this price for something like this.

  • Ty

    Not interested.

  • versapak

    I don’t care what it breaks down to per map. This pack is way overpriced.

    I love the game, and though I haven’t played it the last few weeks, I have logged almost 11 days of playtime in the game. I was really looking forward to these maps giving me a renewed interest in the game, but…

    I already paid $150 (USD) to suffer through an alpha test of the game. Now they want me to pay another $15 for 2 usable new maps and 2 old? Heck no. No sale.

  • D0mac

    bah lucky you guys. in australia 1200 MSP= about $22

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