Modern Warfare 2 Maps coming March 30th

Xbox 360

Robert Bowling, from Infinity ward, directed everyone who follows him on twitter to a self help site that announces Modern Warfare 2 maps are coming March 30th.

See the Tweet here.

Are you suffering from Mapathy?

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  • incphi

    Aww. I was expecting a full-blown self-help parody site. Been a bad day…I could have used a laugh. Maybe they’ll add onto it closer to the release date.

    • Ahhh sorry mate.. If u want to laugh go to the about and take a look at MasterAbbott and his silly looking Lancer ..that should make you laugh a little bit 😉

  • skull_x_man

    Hell yeah! It was about time…

  • PlayingMantis

    Infinity Ward: “Our game is boring, so buy more maps!”

    Me: Umm..?

  • Andrenekoi

    So Robert Bowling is still with Activision, i thought he was fired with the others.

  • Ty

    Great play on words there! it is always a good thing to add some new maps and variety to a game. It keeps the gamer interested. I hate when things get boring.

  • frank

    the mapathy thing made me laugh i am most likely going to pick these up even tho i really dislike the the direction activisions CEO is going with the company

  • Pretty good promotion as far as I’m concerned.

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