Heavy Rain hits the top of the charts in the UK

Playstation 3

According to Chart-Track, Heavy Rain is now at the top of sales in the UK.
Look at it for yourself here.

Heavy Rain surpassed ‘Alien vs Predator’ and ‘Just Dance’; which come in second and third respectively.

This gets me questioning what decides a game purchase in the UK. According to the purchases made in the UK, Just Dance must be pretty good to be coming in third. Maybe I should go pick it up and see what all the fuss is about. But then again, I still have my dignity.

Do you still have your dignity ?  😉

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  • Andrenekoi

    “Do you still have your dignity?” After seeing this video, i don’t know anymore, lol.

  • incphi

    I really like Heavy Rain, so I’m happy to see the game doing so well. Not too shocked at Just Dance placing in the top 3. I’ve seen Just Dance at almost as many social gatherings as Rock Band or Guitar Hero. And, of course the healthy tween market doesn’t hurt. I’m more surprised at AvP doing so well.

  • Ty

    Congrats to Heavy rain! That’s great news.
    Just dance seems to be a phenomenon. My niece has it and she cracks me up dancing to it. My kids think they are too cool for it but I lost my dignity a looong time ago and may grab it just for me 🙂

  • frankcastle66

    “Do you still have your dignity ?”…..no….no i do not….*tear*

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