Gears Of War 3 coming in April 2011 ???


GREAT NEWS for all you Gears Of War fans.  It seems that there are rumors going around the internet that Epic Games are planning on releasing Gears Of War 3 around April 2011.  A trailer from the game is also rumored to be made public sometime next month.  WHO’S EXCITED ABOUT THAT !!  I IS 😉 !!

Also there have been talks that at this years E3 in June we’ll get to see lots more and hopefully a bit of action/gameplay.  I think this is probably the best news I’ve heard all day.  I might get my Lancer off the wall and walk around the room with it for a little bit making the chainsaw revving sounds.

Woooooooooo !!! IM IN THE ZONE BABY !!!

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  • frankcastle66

    lol i cant wait .. if i had a lancer i would take it off my wall and make chainsaw noises with it 2 lol

  • Andrenekoi

    I only played the first, not the biggest fan, but it was really entertaining to play the coop campaign with a friend.

    About Gears of War 3, there’s an rumor about Sony releasing Killzone 3 at the same time, but i think there’s no chance to compete with Gears of War’ popularity.

  • LeperMessiah43

    I highly doubt they would release it in April, its too big of a game, its going to be released in October/November

  • I think Microsoft would want to save a trailer for E3

  • skull_x_man

    to tell the truth, killzone was better than gears of war ( and i own an xbox360, NOT ps3). But as much as i’ve played the first one and second, it was helluva fun.

  • Ty

    I don’t have an opinion until I see a trailer or demo for this.

  • versapak

    I hated the online adversarial of Gears 2, but the co-op was excellent, and the horde mode was great. Gears 3 will be an instant buy for the co-op alone.

  • gunsblazin

    i hope they will realise a multiplayer beta 2011 sometime. a free beta.

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