Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution Teaser

Xbox 360

Some notes about the video:

  • The Main character (name unknown) seems to have been injured by some means.
  • This game seems to take place before the first ones, due to the lack of Augmentations, and instead bionics.
  • A hidden Blade? could this be more oriented towards free running and stealth, then gun flying?
  • The main character doesn’t seem to have his bionics under full control, since the glass cracked when he is drinking, we will probably start out without bionics and gain them early on and learn with the main character.

What are your thoughts on this game?

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  • skull_x_man

    The trailer looks great. I think im going to replay Deus Ex now, just to remember the story 🙂

  • That trailer was pretty sweet. Maybe I will have to get my hands on the first two games.

    By the way that blade seems far from hidden. I don’t think it’ll be used the same way as say Ezio.

  • Andrenekoi

    Deus Ex was just perfect for it’s time, the game really created a new generation of games too.

    Deus Ex 3 looks good, the best news is how they decided to follow it’s roots, closer to the first game, and not the second, which was made with the Xbox in mind and ended simplified a lot.

  • frankcastle66

    this game looks pretty cool i might have to rent it but i don’t think i will be buying it

  • Ty

    Looks cool.

  • LeperMessiah43

    never heard of the first 2 games but this one looks pretty cool

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