Trixie360 interviews MasterAbbott Of Capsule Computers

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G’day everyone.  Do we have a treat in stall for you today.  The roles have been reversed !! Normally MasterAbbott sits down and asks the HARD questions to members of the gaming community and gaming developers around the world .  BUT this time Microsoft’s Xbox Live Community Manager Trixie360 Christa Charter sat down and interviewed the Director Of Capsule Computers :  Philip Federico AKA MasterAbbott. 

This time its Trixies 360 turn to ask those HARD questions in her Xbox Community Gamer Spotlight interview.  Get to know all the cool stuff about MasterAbbott.   Click on the image below to check out the interview. or HERE

What did you think of the interview with MasterAbbott ?  Leave a comment below  🙂

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  • Andrenekoi

    “I have 3 Xbox 360’s in the house, My original one that was purchased a few months after launch (still going strong). Another one in the living room and the RED Resident Evil Elite version still boxed up.” Woah!

    MasterAbbott could be a good substitute for Major Nelson too!

  • TY

    Great interview. I am thinking I may need to get an x box soon. It has a lot of cool games and cool peeps!

  • Andrew

    Great interview. Thumbs up for being a fan of Summer Glau. You liked DOS best? Why? Is it because it’s possible to have a complete understanding of it, unlike anything current?

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