Resident Evil 5: Costume Pack 1 slight mix-up

Xbox 360 Capcom
I have some news from Capcom regarding the issue with the Resident Evil 5 Costume Pack 1 discovered this morning.  

The costume pack specified in the marketing points you to the Costume Pack 1 which includes the “Heavy Metal” and “Business” costumes, BUT, the actual download is for the “Warrior” and “Fairy Tale” costumes intended for Costume Pack 2. 

The actual costumes which are available now on XboxLive for 160 MSP are shown below in the screenshot below.  This issue is known by Capcom, and they are currently working with Microsoft for a solution.

We’ll keep you posted once the issue has been resolved. 

“Warrior” Chris Redfield

“Fairy Tale” Sheva Alomar

Who else noticed this ?

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  • FrehleyzComet

    First off, *face drool* over Sheva’s costume. Secondly, Holy Shnikes at 160 msp! Are these the same ones that we just got for free in the US?!?!

  • Andrenekoi

    Second: Prince of Resident Evil? lol

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