EB Games Pre Order & Trade In Deals – HALO REACH – Heavy Rain and More !!

Xbox 360 Playstation 3

Check out and pre order some of the most anticipated titles of 2010.  Starting with Halo Reach on Xbox 360 and the amazing Heavy Rain on Playstation 3.   Also don’t forget about Sega’s Aliens vs Predator this is too is shaping quite nicely.

Now these deals shown below are for EBGAMES here in Australia, but EB Games / Gamestop in your neck of the woods should have similar deals.  Check them out below.  Click on the image to be taken over EBGAMES website for more information and pre-order details along with trailers.


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  • Mirpkered

    Oddly I was thumbing through my GameInformer E3 2008 issue and found an article about Heavy Rain being a title to watch for soon. I guess that 2 years was GI vdefinition of soon. However, it does look like it could be promising.

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