Capcom Working On Project Natal Game Based On Old Franchise

Capcom Xbox 360

There’s been a lot of talk about what Capcom is planning with Xbox 360’s Project Natal.  Capcom’s VP of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson had this to say at this years CES 2010 :

“I can’t talk about what we’re doing on Natal right now yet because we haven’t announced it, although we have announced that we’re working on stuff,”

“I think you’ll see again a brand focus on what we’re doing there [on Natal], perhaps a brand we haven’t seen in a while,”

Christian did mention that Capcom will not be releasing this mystery game on launch day as they want to make sure it’s done right and not half baked.  I totally stand behind his statement there as its always good to wait an extra week or month to iron out all issues, bugs etc and make a perfect game instead of getting it out there just to please the fans.  Then getting ripped a new one because it’s buggy.

I think that Capcom fans around the world would agree with with Christian there.

Now to the million dollar question thats on every Capcom fan’s lips,  mind, and  hearts.  What’s this myster game ??  A Brand we haven’t seen in a while.

A Brand we haven’t seen on Xbox ? or on Playstation, or on the Nintendo in a while ?   Was the last time we played it on the Super Nintendo ?  The NES ? In the Arcades ??? Geeze that statement is far too open !!

Well we’re all going to have to wait and see.  Hopefully someone might be able to squeeze out a bit more information from Christian. 

This might be a job for Super MasterAbbott 😉  Able to leap tall VP’s of Strategic planning and business development in a single bound !! Able to use his x-ray vision to see what color .. unmm sorry ehhh .. ok well  I’ll do my best to find out on behalf of all you Capcom fans out there !!  😉


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