Mass Effect 2 information on save game import

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As we have alredy read and discovered in the past, Mass Effect 2 players will have the option to import save files from Mass Effect which will bring all the descisions made in the first game to unfold into the sequel. 

According to Chris Priestly, Community Coorindator at BioWare all your questions are answered in his recent forum post here.

In a nutshell, you won’t be able to play as your super-high-level Shepard when you import the save game, however, the higher your character’s level was when you finished Mass Effect, the better bonuses your Mass Effect 2 Shepard will receive. Some of the bonuses  Chris mentioned include extra money or crafting resources when you start the game.

ALSO,  Chris has said that the game won’t have a “New Game Plus” option, but multiple playthroughs with the same Shepard will be possible.

Very interesting stuff.  What do you guys think.  Let us know.  Leave a comment below

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  • koga88

    Well didn’t really think we woud be able to transfer our levels over, it would make us really powerful right off the bat hahaha. A couple of my shepards are at max level. Though that is still cool how they plan to transfer stuff over. Also helps people them get a few more sales from people who’ve yet to play ME1

  • xerxes

    I really can’t wait for ME2, I played ME1 over a few times so I will have a number of saves to choose from. Can’t wait!

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