Lost Planet 2 Akrid Profile: Defolma

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This cool piece of information is coming straight from Capcom-Unity’s very own community manager SNOW.  Snow runs us through some of the lesser but still deadly looking Akrid bosses we will all encounter in Lost Planet 2.  This game is shaping up to be EPIC !!  Enjoy the read.

As you know, Lost Planet 2 is full of extremely deadly bosses, like the Gordiant, Red Eye, and mysteriously named Akrid X. But what about some of the new smaller akrid? Since the the planet of EDN III is undergoing some drastic environmental changes, some new akrid have emerged. Among them is the Defolma, a smaller akrid, but still a very big threat to snow pirates. 

The Defolma is very octopus like, with 6 arms and a flexible body. It can go almost anywhere, even into tiny drainage pipes where it will wait for something to eat to come along. At the top of it’s head is a mouth, which is perfect for gobbling up any pirates it may encounter. The arms of this akrid have many uses, like grabbing prey, blocking attacks, and even electrocuting. It’s whip like arms have the ability to pinpoint a target and unleash a flash of electricity, and in confined spaces can catch a number of pirates off guard.

Thankfully, this akrid is still vulnerable to normal firearms you and your pirate friends will be wielding, but it will take some skill. Even though you can kill it, it usually appears when you least expect, and in narrow walk ways so it can capture more of food at once. Keep your distance… Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

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