WWE Legend & Star Of Super Mario Bros : Captain Lou Albano Passes Away

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Most of you younger readers might not even know who who Captain Lou Albano is, but if your a WWF/WWE hardcore wrestling fan and avid gamer you’d know all too well who Lou was.

Today sadly Lou Albano passed away at the age 76.  It was reported that Albano suggered a heart attack in 2005 and today died under hospice care with his family present.


Lou Albano in his time was a successful wrestler and manager, he managed over 50 WWF/WWE Champions, also stared in Hulk Hogans’s Cartoon series : hulk hogan’s rock n wrestling, acted as Cyndi Lauper’s dad in various music videos, and portrayed Mario in Super Mario Bros Super Show from 1989-1990.  (Which I must say he did a fantastic job) 

Check out the video below of Captain Lou as Super Mario and also 


Captain Lou Albano as Super Mario


Captain Lou in Hulk Hogan’s Rock n Wrestling :


Captain Lou will be sadly missed.  Rest in peace and thank you for the memories.

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