Ferrari FFX in all its GLORY on Forza 3 Motorsport !!

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Forza 3 Motorsport for the Xbox 360 is by far the most realistic and exciting racing simulator out.

The game has an endless amount of features.  But lets focus on one that everyone will love.

The Forza 3 replay video maker.

After a race.  You have the option to save the replay.  Once you do so you will be taken to Movie Maker.  Where you can select how many seconds (maximum is 30 seconds) to make the movie and what format, either 360p or 720p.  A simple click of the SAVE will allow you to upload the movie to so you can share it with the entire world.  (well the owner of the movie can download the movie)

The movie format is created in WMV and is stored on for ONLY 24 hours .. so make sure you tell all your friends about it.  OR BETTER YET..

Download it and then do what we have done here.  Uploaded it to Youtube for everyone to see PERMANENTLY !!

*Please note that 720p format had problems converting over in Youtube.  360p worked like a charm*

Check out the Ferrari FFX in all its glory racing around the Maple Valley short track – courtesy of @Duraroc


Other features you can do is create a photo slide show of the race as well.  But more on that another time.  The video mode is much more fun 😉

Let us know what you think.

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