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    The Gears of War comic book series written by Joshua Ortega has been out for a few months now.  Originally the series was set for six issues, but it seems due to popular demand it has been extended.  So far DC/Wildstorm have announced up to issue #11 which is due for  release in October.

    At the moment issues 1 though to 8 are currently available.  Issue 9 will be on sale on the 16th of September where all good comic books are sold.

    Check out the the DC/Wildstorm website for more information.

    These comics are a great read and must have for any Gears Of War fan.




    I have a copy of Issue 7 of Gears Of War to give away to one lucky winner.

    How to win >> Do 2 things :

    1 # Simply start following Capsule Computers on Twitter

    2 # Tell us in 25 words of less Who you think is the most BAD ASS COG  and WHY ?

    The most creative answer will win.  .

    Thank You :)

    Capsule Computers
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  1. Dizzy. This guy drives a friggin mansion, and has the guts to face Skorge one on one, after seeing him chainsawing a car. BadAss Cowboy!

  2. Tai, because it takes a real man to cry. A really badass man.

  3. Lt. Kim gave his life to cover Delta Squad’s escape during a locust ambush. He’s so badass, General RAAM had to take him out personally.

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