Toy Soldiers: The Kaiser’s Battle – DLC Review


Game Name: Toy Soldiers: The Kaiser’s Battle DLC
Platforms: Xbox 360
Publisher(s): MGS
Developer(s): Signal Studios
Genre(s): Action
Release Date: 6/30/2010
ESRB Rating: T (Teen) Alcohol and Tobacco Reference Violence
Price: 400MSP ($5 USD)
Demo: Download the Toy Soldiers Demo Here
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The Kaiser’s Battle, which is also known as The Spring Offensive, was a series of offensives by the German Army along the Western Front in 1918. Enter the fray as the French army in this DLC. Battle a new experimental boss, and also battle against friends on new multiplayer and survival maps.

The French Campaign that is in the DLC includes 3 levels: Blucher-Yorck, Operation Gneisenau and The Last Offensive. Each plays out like any other Toy Soldiers level, but they are located in 2 new areas and there is an entirely new boss for you to figure out how to beat.

The gameplay is exactly like it is in the rest of the game. This isn’t the Toy Soldiers review, this is a review on the DLC. If you have never played the game, read the review and download the demo. Both links are available at the top. The Kaiser’s Battle DLC lets you play as the French army during the Kaiser’s Battle. There are 3 levels with multiple waves of enemies on them, and 2 new maps to let you create battle strategies on.

Following with a French theme, there is new French inspired art, new French soldiers, special in game French props and a whole bunch more French stuff for you to look at in game. There are also French unit skins and 2 new units to choose including the French Hotchkiss Machine Gun and French Canon de 75 Howitzer. The two new maps that come with the DLC enable for bigger battles online in both multiplayer and survival modes.

The new boss is an experimental vehicle called the German K-Wagon. The thing is huge and menacing, just like all the bosses found in the game. It may require a few attempts and a lot of strategic unit placing in order to destroy it on harder settings. The 3 level French Campaign is short and sweet. If you are a fan of Toy Soldiers you will enjoy the new levels to plan on as well as the new Golden Cubes to find. If you have no idea what the Golden Cubes are you are probably not one of the people interested in this DLC because you didn’t play the game enough.

There are 3 new achievements included in the DLC. The achievements are pretty generic Toy Soldiers achievements. There is one for beating the DLC, one for getting a blast combo of x40, and one for finding all the Golden Cubes in the French Campaign. Golden Cubes are actually hidden within every level, and it is nice to see an achievement that acknowledges them.

  • Base Rat 15 – Find all the golden cubes hidden in the new French single player campaign.
  • Land Ship 25 – Defeat the German K-Wagen Boss.
  • Grass Cutter 10 – Get a 40x blast combo.


The Kaiser’s Battle DLC is a lot of fun, and gives you a few new levels to play on as well as another boss battle. The DLC only really consists of 2 new maps, 3 new campaign levels, 1 new boss,  new soldier skins and 2 new alternate unites. That is basically the entire DLC in a nutshell. Is it worth $5? That choice is yours. Have you completely beaten Toy Soldiers and still want more? Pick up this DLC now, and enjoy yourself as you play the really short but fun French campaign.
I give the Toy Soldiers: Kaiser’s Battle DLC



  • More Toy Soldiers goodness.
  • French Campaign with new unitss and soldiers
  • New Multiplayer Maps


  • Only a 3 level campaign
  • Nothing added to the gameplay
  • Short

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