Plants Vs. Zombies – PC Review


Plants Vs. Zombies (Game Of The Year Edition)

Company: PopCap Games

Release Date: August 2, 2010

 Price: $19.95



Plants Vs. Zombies is a tower defense game with zombies, plants, plants versus zombies, disco zombies, pea shooters, a guy named Crazy Dave, a zombie bobsled team and oh…I don’t want to spoil everything. Your goal in this game is to keep the zombies out of your house and from eating your brains, all with the protection of the plants you place strategically on your lawn or other environments you may encounter in the game. This is possibly the best remake of a tower defense game there ever was or ever will be! Oh no! The Zombies Ate Your Brains! Can you stop them before it’s too late?

Sound and Graphics:

Plants Vs. Zombies has a great tune to it and it makes it fun to play. Don’t forget the zombies randomly begging for “BRAINZZZ!” Everything in this game has a sound effect. Pole-vaulting zombies, jet-skiing zombies, other secret zombies I can’t tell you about, pea shooters….everything! The sound effects in this game are amazing! Different types of zombies have different attacking sounds and different defenses make different sounds when they attack, too! The game sounds great, but what does it look like? Plants Vs. Zombies looks great! It’s smooth and everything looks amazing. Of course, all the plants and zombies are animated very well. There is not a single glitch in the graphics and nothing looks choppy at all. I’m amazed at the way PopCap Games nailed the graphics in this game. Everything runs smoothly, even on older PCs. The Mini-Games look great, too. There’s really nothing to complain about with the graphics, in fact it should be praised. It looks well-polished and the game design looks like a family game, meaning it’s cute. Yes, cute. Never thought a zombie game could be cute? This one is and it’s the best zombie game out there that the whole family can play!

Gameplay and Controls:

Plants Vs, Zombies has an easy drag and drop interface. The entire game is only dragging and dropping, but it’s so much fun! You move your mouse over to the plant that you want to use to defend your home and simply drag it to where you want to it to attack zombies. This gets harder in the night levels when there’s fog and other obstacles that get in the way. There are a few mini-levels, like bowling and such, that make this a great game. It helps you relax between levels when you get to a bowling level. You have football zombies, conehead zombies, disco zombies, bobsledding zombies and more, all being kept out by you and your plants. This game has a great concept and the way it is designed is great. There are so many different combinations of plant attacks, levels, zombies, achievements and more! There’s even a level where the….nevermind, you’ll have to check it out for yourself. All the levels are outdoors, as the goal of the game is to keep the zombies from eating your brains in your house. You’ll meet a crazy guy that sells some zombie-killing goodies for the coins you can collect during each level. Coins pop up when you kill a zombie or a group of zombies. Just click on the coin and it’s added to your stash. Talking about a stash, there are some pretty awesome cheat codes for this game! Want your zombie to wear a mustache? Type “mustache”. Want them to be futuristic zombies? Type “future”. There are others, but I don’t want to spoil them all here. Less spoiling, more soiling! Start planting now and get those zombies away before they eat you! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 😉

Additional Info:

This game is well executed, well polished and perfect in every way for almost every game lover. Looking for a game to spend $20 on? Definitely check out Plants Vs. Zombies! There’s even a demo version on PopCap’s website so you can check out some zombies before buying it! Surprisingly, there’s replay value to this game! I don’t want to ruin it by saying how there’s replay value, so let’s just say you’ll meet some pretty interesting zombies. There are so many features in this game that I can’t list them all or think of all them at once. If you’re ever stuck on a level, which shouldn’t happen too often, people have uploaded many YouTube videos to help you through levels. Comment below if you want to know more! Ask, and we shall answer! There’s just no room for so much information in this review. I personally have played this game since it’s original release and this happens to be in my personal top 5 PC and iPhone games out there. I definitely recommend this game and if you can’t afford it, at least play their demo! It’s an amazing and great game! BRAINZZZZ!!!!!


If you’re looking for a great game that you could play for hours, anytime, then this is the right one for you. It’s non-stop action and fun, which is hard to find in a lot of PC games. In this Game Of The Year edition, there are many more achievements than the original Plants Vs. Zombies, along with different zombies. Owners of PvZ can update to the G.O.T.Y. edition for free. Overall, this game qualifies for an EXCELLENT rating of 9.5 capsules, which is well-deserved. There is no other game on PC I have ever played for so long without stopping. Need a game? Like zombies? Buy Plants Vs. Zombies (Game Of The Year Edition).


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