OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes! Review



OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes!

Developer: Milk Factory
Publisher: Frontwing USA
Platform: PC
Release Date: Available Now
Price: $39.99 USD – Available Here

Reviewed Using 18+ Adults Only Patch


Sometimes when picking up a game the title doesn’t really give away too much about what the player might expect. That isn’t really the case when it comes to a number of visual novels however especially erotic ones especially since they have begun following the trend of ridiculously long names and Milk Factory’s OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes! is about as open as you can get. Coming in as the latest entry from Frontwing USA’s English localization wing, is this nukige/sex focused game worth picking up?


Players take on the role of Takumi Kazuya (who can have their last name changed at the start) who is a struggling light novel author. One day while admiring the fact that he has finished writing a grand erotic light novel that will surely impress the harsh critics that have bashed his previous works, his younger sister, who also happens to be an erotic manga artist, threatens to kick him out of the bath since he’s been in there for hours. In an effort to kick him out, the younger sister cranks the thermostat up to the maximum, breaking it in the process and causing a sudden explosion.

As Takumi’s life flashes before his eyes, he awakens in a new luxurious open air bath filled with gorgeous naked women, all of whom have gigantic breasts. After their initial shock wears off, Takumi immediately faces another brush with death as they begin to blast away at him with magic. This marks the first time Takumi meets with the ten main girls in the game all before being enrolled into Yggdrasil Girls’ Magical Academy as its first male student thanks to his special “ero-magic” powers that awoke upon arriving in the world. As one would expect given the setting, it isn’t long before every girl, their mothers, and even some side characters end up in Takumi’s crosshairs.

Despite being set in a fantasy world where magic exists and there happens to be mentions of plenty of combat with the female characters and even Takumi helping battle against a few enemies during class, that fantasy element is mostly used as a window dressing for the core content of the game, the sex that will be happening with over twenty different characters. Every chapter, or selected interaction with a character, features Takumi either using one of his already obtained Ero-Magic spells or unleashing a new one to have sex with one of his classmates.

These come in a variety of forms that range from simply making clothes vanish, transforming into objects, taking control of objects, increasing sensitivity, teleporting to an already horny classmate, straight up triggering lactation, making a character take a lewd pose on purpose, and much more giving players plenty of scene variety even if there is a certain lack of harder fantasy for most of the character races.

This does mean that there really isn’t a whole lot of set-up to most of the sex scenes in the game with the only real build-up actually happening during the chapter specific ones. The scenes that play out by selecting a character during intermission are given the briefest of narrative before everything goes down with there being only a small amount of development, if any, between Takumi and the girl he is sleeping with. That being said, the mother and daughter threesome scenes and group scenes that players unlock as they make their way through the game are immediately jumped into with no forethought and, in at least a few occasions, are shockingly short when compared to how long most of the sex scenes in OPPAI Academy actually are. 

One of the better elements of how the scenes play out in this game is just how long most of them go on for. There is something to be said for longevity and this game goes the extra mile to make sure that, outside of the few scenes mentioned before, most scenes play out for quite a while for an eroge such as this with there often being multiple poses for a scene. It is also worth noting that while there is a bit of forceful intercourse, as well as some tentacle scenes, violent happens in OPPAI Academy and most of the sexual scenes are actually quite standard outside of featuring quite a lot of body fluids, including both breast milk from all but a couple girls and urine in a number of cases.

As for the actual main characters, players will find an assortment of both standard and fantasy races that they will be interacting with. Of course this features the stereotypical childhood friend that ended up being a witch and is now living in this alternate world, a shy succubus, a dragon that Takumi happened to tend to when it was injured and taking on the appearance of a bird when he was a child, and even a homunculus that was oddly created for his protection that looks shockingly familiar to a certain Fate character. 

It is also worth noting that while some fantasy elements are taken advantage of, players expecting some more monster elements from the characters will be disappointed, especially in the case of the dragon girl who, outside of one outfit, looks like a normal human in every regard. We mentioned earlier that these characters are given barely any development from scene to scene and that often remains the case even throughout a character’s entire story to the point that, outside of one instance, there are no individual endings. Instead players will find that OPPAI Academy offers two different type of harem endings, which works well enough but also doesn’t really offer much in the way of a conclusion to the story in any shape or form. 


While it is true that OPPAI Academy is still a visual novel, it is also one that players really won’t be interacting with much. While the standard features are there such as being able to click and read through the story as well as go back through the dialogue log, there are no dialogue choices to be made here. Instead players will find that they will have four choices to interact with the ten main female characters between chapters with any side characters or extra scenes not counting against this number. This means that players can even unlock one of three endings early if they choose characters in a certain fashion though it is also worth noting that most side characters will not be unlocked until the story has progressed further.

Outside of this OPPAI Academy features the standard elements of giving players a gallery mode where they can revisit the various sex scenes and CGs as well as a number of animated images that they have unlocked as well as replay through scenes that may have been a favorite of theirs.

Visuals & Audio

Immediately upon beginning the game players will note that Milk Factory has put a lot of attention into making sure the artwork in OPPAI Academy is as gorgeous as possible. Every character in the game, from the side characters that only make an appearance in a single scene, to the main characters that players will be interacting with both inside of core storyline as well as the multiple sex scenes are incredibly detailed and vibrant to look at. The sex scenes themselves are nicely detailed with a solid amount of variation with every scene, including a few events that feature animated scenes though these tend to only happen once per character. As mentioned before, some character designs may leave those a bit wanting as some elements like the dragon, homunculus, and vampire character really aren’t taken advantage of as the fantasy setting allows.

As far as the soundtrack goes, the game features fairly standard background music for a visual novel such as this but it is nice to note that every single character, outside of the male lead of course, is given voicework both inside of sex scenes as well as outside. The voice work is entirely in Japanese but thanks to some great translation work by Frontwing everything comes across perfectly fine.


OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes! is about as upfront with what it wants to be as possible. While there is a plot, it mostly serves to place the players in the world of Yggdrassil where their newfound magic gives them plenty of gorgeous girls to have sex with and boy does this game feature a lot of sex as there are over fifty individual lengthy scenes easily and that doesn’t even count those with three or more. Sure, some characters are given a bit of a short stick development wise compared to others, or barely any development at all, but there is still plenty to enjoy here despite the lack of depth.

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While it may not offer much in the way of story, those looking for some gorgeous artwork and some fantasy loving, OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes! fits the bill.


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