2064: Read Only Memories Definitive Edition Hacks Into AU, NZ Nintendo Switch eShop 8 Feb.

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2064: Read Only Memories Definitive Edition Hacks Into AU, NZ Nintendo Switch eShop 8 Feb.

SAN FRANCISCO – 16 Jan. 2018 – 2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL, the cyberpunk narrative adventure from MidBoss with more than 200,000 copies sold across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, revisits Neo-San Francisco with the definitive edition available via Nintendo Switch for the AU and NZ eShop on 8 February.

2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL seamlessly integrates the “Punks” side story. Other new features include a jukebox with new and stylish lo-fi tracks, video clips from the cutting room floor, an “Endless Christmas” epilogue that extends time with Neo-San Francisco locals, on top of all the polish and content added over the two years following the game’s initial release.

Read Only Memories’ colorful, futuristic metropolis is home to the world’s first fully sapient ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager), Turing. Together with a struggling journalist, they investigate the mysterious disappearance of Turing’s creator. Make choices affecting the relationship between Turing and the journalist while the duo solves point-and-click puzzles and engages in problem-solving mini-games.

Neo-San Francisco thrives in a brighter, pastel cyberpunk future and is home to a diverse cast of characters which provoke questions about identity, individuality and the human experience. Thoughtful interactions between characters voiced by experienced actors such as Melissa Hutchison (The Walking Dead), Adam Harrington (Middle Earth: Shadow of War, The Wolf Among Us) and more explore nuances of the human condition and its intersection with technology.

ROM speaks to people all over the world with diverse backgrounds that deserve to be represented in media,” said Cade Peterson, interim CEO, Midboss. “The game has grown over time into this definitive edition, and we want to get it in the hands of as many people as possible so they can hopefully find little pieces of themselves in our story.”

2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL will be available in the AU/NZ Nintendo Switch eShop for $26.25 AUD or $31.50 NZD and supports English with full audio and Japanese with a text-only localization. To learn more, visit the official website and follow it on Facebook and Twitter, or follow MidBoss on Twitter and Tumblr.

About Midboss

Based out of San Francisco (although not the Neo kind), Midboss aims to make the world better, safer and more inclusive for marginalized people, especially those across the gender and sexuality spectrum, by creating cool experiences through games and other forms of media which diversify representation, as well as becoming a platform for queer content around the world.

To learn more about Midboss visit the studio’s official website.

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