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May 7 2014, Cannes, France – Today Cubical Drift are pleased to announce the opening of the webstore to pre-order the successfully KickStarter funded, Planets³.

‘We’ve been blown away and overwhelmed by the support of the press and the public for the vision we have for Planets³.  With over 10,000 backers and $310,000 raised via our campaign, we wanted to continue to offer some exclusive content’ said Michel Thomazeau, Project Director ‘with some exclusive incentives to our early pre-order customers on our new webstore!’

For anyone who missed out backing originally, can now pre-order the game through the new online store, support development and still get some of the pre-order bonuses that were available during the game’s KickStarter campaign.

Planets³ is a beautifully presented, unique mix of adventure, RPG, dungeon crawler and building. Set in a multi-player universe, players can shape their own adventure and visit multiple planets, each composed of nearly 30 trillion blocks. Truly breath-taking landscapes and environments will be achieved through voxel-based graphics and the “Long Distance Display Engine”.

Progress through the game is achieved through “levelling-up” their character, embarking on various story-driven quests, tool-building and habitation and vehicle crafting. All of these things contributing to ever-deeper exploration of the planets in the vast universe.

Planets³ also offers side quests allowing players to unlock secrets of the game’s world and to find special items only reachable in secondary storylines.

About Cubical Drift
Created in 2013, Cubical Drift is an independent video game studio bringing together video game “passionates”, each of them being an expert in their field

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