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Yoostar 2’s Upcoming New Downloadable Content

The Summer 2011 release schedule of new downloadable content for Yoostar 2 has been announced and will become available for purchase through Yoostore, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Network. Scenes from blockbusters such as “His Name was John Conner” from The Terminator to the more child friendly “I Love You” song from Barney (brings back childhood memories people?) are included in this batch which will hopefully add more enjoyment and variety to your interactive ‘acting’ experience for you and your friends. New individual scenes and scene packs will become available every Tuesday.

In conjunction with Kinect for Xbox 360 or PlayStation Eye for the Playstation 3, you can act in your favourite movie or tv scenes and portray your favourite characters. With 80 scenes presented in the game and hundreds more available online, you can put on your best award winning performance and tackle movie greats such as The Godfather. If ‘serious’ isn’t your strong point then why not do an ad-lib from a scene in the Hangover? Done correctly, this will surely give you plenty of laughs and get the party rolling!

The Summer 2011 release schedule includes:

Individual Scenes

·          American Graffiti – Drag race

·          Anchorman – Squirrelly newscast

·          Animal House – Bluto impersonates a zit

·          Barney – I Love You (song)

·          Being John Malkovich – A metaphysical can of worms

·          Being John Malkovich – Gender-bender

·          Being John Malkovich – I’m a puppeteer

·          Being John Malkovich – Job interview at Lestercorp

·          Beverly HillsCop – You eat a lot of red meat

·          Coming to America – A woman who will arouse my intellect

·          Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Voodoo economics

·          Kick-Ass – Shut up and pick your weapon

·          Kindergarten Cop – Anatomy lesson

·          Kindergarten Cop – Mrs. Hagley’s a lot better than you

·          Matrix Revolutions – Lock and load

·          The Princess Bride – The promise of a woman

·          Some Like It Hot – Fuzzy end of the lollipop

·          Some Like It Hot – Real hot!

·          Some Like It Hot – You own a yacht?

·          Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country – My response would be, ‘Go to hell’

·          Star Trek: The Next Generation – Live long and prosper (Season 3 – Episode: 23 – Sarek)

·          The Terminator – His name was Connor – John Connor

·          Trading Places – Broken vase

·          War of the Worlds – Bombs don’t unscrew

Video Backgrounds

·          Fast Ride Through a Tunnel

·          Fireworks Over Cityscape

·          Shallow Ocean Floor (free)

Scene Packs

Eddie Murphy Pack

·          Coming to America – My job is garbage

·          Norbit – That fine, skinny girl

·          Nutty Professor – Grandma’s crush

Star Trek – Jean-Luc Picard Pack

·          Star Trek: The Next Generation – The first duty of a Starfleet officer

·          Star Trek: Next Generation Season 3 – It is a good day to die

·          Star Trek: Next Generation Season 6 – Q, you are not God

·          Star Trek: Generations –I take it the odds are against us

·          Star Trek: Generations – The death of Kirk

Three Stooges Pack

·          Brideless Groom – 500,000 bucks

·          Disorder in the Court – Take off your hat

·          Disorder in the Court – Thanks Courty, you’re a pal

For more info on Yoostar 2, visit: http://ys2.yoostar.com/

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