No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Launch Trailer

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In 2008, a little known game called No More Heroes was released on the Wii. This game was of cause Suda51’s latest project bringing his crazy insaneness along with it. Travis Touchdown with a Beam katana – Nuff’ said! For anyone that missed out playing this gem of a game, the original Wii game has now been ported to both Playstaion 3 and Xbox 360 in Japan with plans of a worldwide release. Entitled ‘No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise’ player can utilise the Playsation Move controller or Kinect Sensor to play the game.

The port version of the game will have a few new features, including high-definition graphics, English and Japanese voice-acting, a nightmare mode where player will be able to revisit ‘Ranking Battles’ and a new interesting game mode called “Very Sweet Mode” – where all female character costumes have been changed to be “more risqué” (so to speak).

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise is available for Playstation 3 on May 19, while for the Xbox 360 version is expected to be released later this year meanwhile, check out the new launch trailer of No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise now

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