IUGO Serves Up Some Alien Butt with Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet

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Capsule Computers Product Sponsor IUGO’s latest adventure on the iPhone, Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet, offers over-the-top alien slaying. Check out the description, screens and link to video below:

Daisy Mae’s peaceful, simple life in her little desert trailer park will never be the same. A full scale alien attack on earth has begun and Daisy becomes the unlikely heroine outta nowhere. Take hold of the steering wheel and help Daisy Mae shoot and blast her way to victory in this fun and quirky dual stick shooter. Aliens: you have been served!


  More aliens than you can shake a stick at!

  The baddest selection of weapons known to folks ‘round these here parts

  Purty graphics and fancy sounds effects

  Sassy costumes to unlock for Daisy Mae’s alien hoedown

  Daisy Mae “taunt” moves to stun the aliens silly

  Control options to suit every varmint’s needs

  VIP points to be earned towards an additional costume

Global leaderboards

Auto save

Screen-shots : (Images present click on them to load up)

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!