BLOCKBUSTER Games and DEALS coming soon – PART # 4

Capcom Nintendo

PART # 4

This next title needs no introduction to the video game world. But it’s going to get one because it TOTALLY deserves it.

CAPCOM’s Newest Survival Horror, Action Shooter on the Nintendo Wii :


This title is the talk of the town especially in RACOON CITY. Help Claire, Chris & Steve overcome the ultimate evil that Umbrella and the conspiracy behind what is The Darkside Chronicles.

Resident Evil The Dark Side Chronicles is a action packed, cinematic, heart pumping, action shooter for the Nintendo Wii.  Take your Nintendo Wii mote and Nunchuk in hand and turn down the lights, turn up the volume, put the kids to bed  and BLAST  your way through a hordes of infected zombies and monsters and experience a compelling storyline full of action, horror and suspense.

There is nothing that can compare to the pure evil that is waiting for you when you embark on your mission in Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles.

Resident Evil DarkSide Chronicles hits EBGAMES/GAMESTOP on the 26th November.  Make sure you pre-order your copy now.  As shown above.   Australian Customers can pre-order the collectors edition for $99.95 (AU) RRP which comes with a Wii Gun holster to place your Wii mote and Nun-Chuck for a better experience in aiming and accuracy when shooting onscreen.

The Standard Edition of Resident Evil The DarkSide Chronicles wll available for only$79.95 (AU) RRP.

Make sure you pre-order your copy now !! CLAIRE & LEON NEED YOUR HELP !!! DON’T LEAVE THEM HANGING.  They can’t do this one their own

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!