Naughty Bear – ‘How To: Gameplay’ video

What’s better then killing human as a deranged serial killer? Killing Teddy Bears as a deranged Teddy Bear of course! Below you will find a video about the gameplay in Naughty Bear. The game looks interesting with a varied amount of AI but it looks like it will get repetitive and is more for leaderboard junkies. We shall see! Enjoy the video

Naughty Bear Nightmare Part 3

The recent naughty bear footage have both been funny and entertaining, but they haven’t really shed any light on the actual gameplay of the game. So far we have seen an array of murders on teddy bears, a few in game cutscenes, and some nightmarish movie parodies. Although all these videos are good, none of them show anything about the game itself. What we need is a dev diary that explains ho...

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