Starcraft 2 buyers get $20 credit at Kmart

Still busy deciding where to buy Starcraft 2? Well look no farther than Kmart! Starting Tuesday and running through July 30 Kmart is offering $20 credit to purchasers of the game. Saving money is always the best idea. Now the problem is, finding a Kmart that is still open around you. Keep in mind, that it isn’t worth spending $30 on gas to get to a Kmart and save $20 on the game.

KMart offers reduced prices on some games for a week.

Cheap games are always nice, many people only buy games when they finally drop down to $20. Luckily, KMart is dropping some of the latest releases down to low prices for one week only. This deal ends on May 10th, so if you see a game you like pick it up now. This deal is a United States deal, and may not be applicable on in other regions. $29.99 Darksiders Metro 2033 Modern Warfare 2 Bayonetta Ali...

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