Snoopy Coaster Review



Snoopy Coaster
Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Publisher: Chillingo Ltd
Platforms: iPhone, iPpad (Reviewed), iPpod Touch
Release Date: March 21, 2013
Price: $0.99 – Available Here


Snoopy Coaster puts the main cast of Peanuts on a roller coaster filled with jumps and loops. Players collect coins and pick up upgrades to push them further and further down the coaster’s path.



Visually, the game models look sharp. The game is completely 2 dimensional, but the objects are well rendered. There are different levels with different themes; space, spooky, standard theme park, and so on. The backgrounds are fun, but in the darker themed levels it is difficult to see the dark brown track against the background. The color of the tracks never change, which is a downside considering a color change would have helped a lot for playability on different levels. They do have little trinkets added to them to fit the theme of the level, like cobwebs and Christmas lights. You can also change the model of the carts you use when you purchase upgrades, all of which look good.

Unfortunately as the coaster goes faster, the objects on the screen go by so quickly that it strains your eyes. The eye strain becomes so great that one has to stop out of discomfort. If the objects or tack supports were more spaced out, this might not have been as big a problem.



The background music sounds like it would come from a Charlie Brown holiday special, it is pleasant and reminiscent to the shows. There are sound clips of different characters on the coaster saying different things. They are cute at first, but soon becomes very repetitive and not long after annoying.


The main goal is to have the Peanuts crew make it along the roller coaster’s track for as long as possible. You also need to collect coins in order to unlock upgrades for your roller coaster. You also need to hit objects like birds, balloons, and kites to receive coins. The controls for the game, tap to jump and tracing a circle to do a loop, are responsive and tight. Sometimes there is a rocket upgrade where you simply touch the screen to use up fuel to keep you in the air.The further down the track you get, the higher your score becomes. As you unlock certain criteria, like hitting a certain amount of objects or doing an amount of successful loops, you will level up. Levelling up increases your score multi-player.


There are different levels you go through that seem to be in a random order each time you play. They look and play slightly different from each other, but there is not a large difference in the way they are set up. However, the levels overall seem to generate tracks that are more difficult the longer you are able to stay alive.There is an option to purchase coins with real money, and even crowns that allow you to continue after you die. This seems unreasonable considering this is a game that is not free. If you have to pay for a game, having free to play style money transaction features is over the top.



Snoopy Coaster first comes off as polished, but as one plays the game it loses its sheen. The eye strain caused by this game is a major set back. This when compounded with the grating audio clips from the characters makes the game an unpleasant experience. The controls are so well done, it is a disappointment that the aesthetics of the game make it a physically uncomfortable experience.  However even if the aesthetics were fixed, having free to play style purchases available in a game that already has to be purchased with real money is very degrading on the value of the game.


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