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Seven Pirates H

Developer: Felistella
Nintendo Switch
Release Date:
May 12, 2022
Price: $39.99 – Available Here


There was once a time that games focused on fan service thrived on PlayStation platforms with the PS Vita leading the charge in Japan. Over time though not only did these titles get censored and even canceled in the West, Sony’s policies have made Nintendo the new leader when it comes to ecchi titles from Japan. This has helped a number of titles that would never see Western shores see an English release in at least some form and now Seven Pirates H is the latest game to be given an uncensored English release. Settling in as the fourth standalone game in the Genkai Tokki series for the PS Vita and now given an enhanced re-release on the Switch as Seven Pirates H, does this search for pirate booty reveal some stunning chests?


The young pirate Parute has assembled a crew and a pirate ship of her very own in search for treasure. Or at least she would if she had any idea where treasure was located outside of a seemingly broken compass that she happened upon. To make matters worse, a sudden explosion on the ship sends Parute flying overboard and leaves her stranded on what appears to be an abandoned island with the projectile that managed to knock her overboard, a familiar looking hyper-perverted otter by the name of Otton.

With the promise to increase Parute’s power through breast treatments and the sudden activity on the magic compass, she enthusiastically agrees to begin searching for a way off the island only to find that not only is the very first piece of the seven legendary treasures located nearby but so are two enemy/soon-to-be ally monster girls. She quickly gathers a crew of various monster girls including a kobold, slime, kraken, and even an undead along with a few others to help her adventure through the various monster-ladden and treasure packed islands that make up the Monsupi Sea.

Seven Pirates H‘s plot is as light as Parute’s initial chest size as there is very little drama to be had with most of the enjoyment coming from the game taking the ecchi comedy and turning it up to the maximum while relishing in all of the character interactions that happen between the varied cast of characters. Despite being fairly straightforward character types, the cast plays off each other incredibly well and makes for a fun and enjoyable time that is best played in shorter bursts to not burn out on the fanservice humor too quickly. There are numerous side-quests to take on throughout the course of the storyline and while most of them require simply gathering items or slaying certain enemies their descriptions can be quite ridiculous and often appear to reveal extra interactions between characters as a result.


So before we get into the thing that makes Seven Pirates H so different from your average RPG, players will find that many of the staple elements remain the same. Players will explore various small dungeons with their party of up to four fighters at a time, with players being able to select their favorite girl as leader, encountering monsters inside as they do. Whenever an “H Monster” is encountered players will take them on using a standard turn-based formula that has a little bit of extra depth to it besides simply attacking mindlessly. As players fight they gain “MP” that can be used to activate skills but this MP has another use as well.

When a girl’s MP reaches 100, either through dealing damage or taking it, she will enter an “Excited” state where she will begin to flush and gain boosted attack, defense, and agility stats and if she happens to reach 200 MP they will enter an “Aroused.” Characters that are aroused are cured of any afflictions and receive a temporary significant stat boost but if players do not use their MP fast enough or activate their “Special” attack that can only be used in such a state then it will automatically revert within a few turns. Aroused special attacks can deal massive damage to all types of foes and can help players balance whether or not they want a girl to buff or heal their party, deal normal damage, or try and conserve MP for a massive attack as a result.

Along these same lines Seven Pirates H uses a “pheromone” elemental system that, while simple, can make a few battles a bit more challenging. These pheromones come in three elemental types and are strong and weak to one of the others. Players can adjust their team accordingly though it is also possible to use “support” skills that temporarily change the entire team’s pheromones for a limited time at the cost of MP. This level of combat detail is nice to offer but also something that is unfortunately not generally needed as Seven Pirates H is not a difficult RPG by any means, even if players choose to… train their girls less than optimally.

Now what sets Seven Pirates H apart from your standard fan service game is that it almost literally shoves it right in players’ faces. Rather than simply gain experience points from fighting, players will instead obtain training extract for each girl, with stat specific ones obtained from drops and quests. This extract is then used as lotion to literally booby train the characters that are ready to be powered up. This booby training makes use of the Switch’s touch screen for full effect though simply using the analog sticks and face buttons instead also works should players want to try and keep any modesty in check. 

Booby training will see players fondling a girls’ chest in an effort to raise various parameters such as increasing their size, softness, perkiness, and even boosting their cleavage though players can also decrease these as well by making the opposite motions. Regardless of the changes made to a girl’s chest in the training their stats will grow but players can increase which ones grow the most depending on how they choose to train the girl. Of course, this means players can choose to make a swift small-breasted fighter or someone with an absolutely ridiculous chest with tons of health and defense.

That isn’t quite the end to the fan service either as there are two other smaller elements that play a factor into touch screen antics. Players will occasionally obtain eggs from defeated enemies and the only way to hatch these eggs into possibly expensive or rare items is to rub them between a girl’s breasts and if it happens to be empty, well a white splatter is all that will result… Along these same lines players will eventually gain access to the “Otton Cannon” that can be used in battle to deal massive damage to foes and can occasionally be the only way to finish off a boss type enemy. This Otton Cannon charges incredibly slowly through standard combat but players can choose to use a turn to rub Otton all over their body to give him a boost to finish the fight off faster.

Visuals & Audio

While Seven Pirates H has been given a small visual bump making the transition from the PS Vita to the Switch things haven’t changed too much. The character models are still detailed well-enough with each member of the crew and humanoid monsters having risque costumes as well as some flashy “Aroused” moves and even some generic monsters having some absolutely ridiculous looking designs. The fanservice outfits during booby training really take things up a notch and the CG artwork that appears from time to time also pushes the limits of what can still be shown within a normal age-rating. As for the dungeons, their designs are unfortunately a bit simplistic in nature and often rather short and it is worth noting that while players can obtain various bras and panties as equipment for characters, it makes no visual difference to a character’s model.

The series features the original Japanese voice track alongside some satisfying English subtitles though it is worth noting that some combat dialogue and training comments are not given any form of subtitling. The soundtrack features a fairly standard offering of tracks for a game such as this with some upbeat nautical sounding themes mixed in to keep things fresh.


There are fanservice games and then there is Seven Pirates H. It may not be a graphical powerhouse as it was originally designed for the Vita back in 2016 nor does it ever cross the line but it balances about as close to that line as possible while still delivering a solid light hearted RPG all focused around comedy, breasts, and comedy about breasts. It may not be a deep RPG and things can be a bit repetitive at times, especially due to its ease of combat, but those looking for a fun fanservice packed time will find Seven Pirates H right up their alley.

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Seven Pirates H may not be a deep or challenging RPG but its unabashed approach to fanservice and great sense of humor make it a fun time best enjoyed in smaller bursts.


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