Dante’s Inferno Death Edition Contents – Video Review


Wanted to know what you get inside EA/Visceral Games’ Collectors Edition of Dante’s Inferno Death Edition.  Well look no further.  MasterAbbott unboxes the Death Edition and run you through what you get for $119.99 AUD. 

Personally I think this Collectors Edition is a little over priced as most of the content you get is on the bonus disc.  You do get a special unlock code to play as Isac from Dead Space, but that’s not enough to warrent paying this much money.  I think that EA should of included a cool statue of Dante with the Grim Reapers Scyth in his hands to seal the deal with this collectors edition.

Well you guy have a look at the video and judge for yourselves.

Comments below please.

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  • Good unboxing video and i totally agree for its RRP it should of been in a tin and me personally i would prefer a physical comic book or something i aint really into the digital books they do. But its good that u have alot of vidoc on the making and that. I think ill just stick to the standard edition of this game

    • Yeah.. i know for me a tin case and a Dante Toy would of made it perfect for the price. Oh well what can you do. Hopefully they will make things better next time around. stay tuned for the next unboxing. Which will be Bioshock 2 Collectors Edition

  • Andrenekoi

    The price is definitely not great, and after those bad reviews, turns it worse.

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