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I’m Phil : but most people call me MasterAbbott. I’ve been a huge fan of gaming since the age of 3, when my dad bought me my first ever gaming console: The CBS Colecovision, the rival to the Atari 2600 at the time. The first game ever played on the CBS was similar to Pac Man called Mouse Trap, many hours were lost playing that great game I can tell you. With my growing hunger for gaming, I dont ever think I will ever tier of this amazing and enjoyable and hugely popular industry.

I believe I’ll always be a gamer till the day I die. I’m now in my mid 30’s (Yes Yes no old people jokes, I can still hold my own) and over the years of gaming I’ve come in contact with nearly every gaming console that was released in Australia, US and Japan .. I’ve collected and still have a fairly large assortment of old school games, consoles and arcade machines lying around the house. Oh and I’ve got at least two of the latest next gen consoles (yes I know I have major issues).

In 2009 I decided to express my passion to the world and create a Video Game / Entertainment site that covered everything that is video games/anime/technology and entertainment. Sharing the latest news, reviews and interviews from leading gaming developers on all platforms. Plus a whole lot of other weird and wonderful things.

Here at Capsule Computers, we cover everything that is gaming and entertainment from the Xbox 360 all the way back to the mighty CBS ColecoVision!.

If you find the stuff we do here enjoyable and entertaining subscribe to our official Twitter and also FACEBOOK pages. We also have a very popular YouTube channel as well as a very informative and enjoyable Podcast show.

All feedback is also greatly appreciated, email me at : : I always reply to everyone. (even if it’s hate mail)

Thank you and welcome to Capsule Computers – Your #1 stop for Video Game & Entertainment News.

And remember kids… PLAY HARD OR DON’T PLAY AT ALL!


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Hey people, name’s Travis and I’m the Managing Editor here at Capsule Computers. I’m quite an avid gamer who has been playing games on practically every console starting with the Super Nintendo, though I’ve since moved to more standard consoles and handhelds. Also within the last few years I’ve become engrossed with anime and manga, especially when it comes to anime with plenty of fan service or harem type shows.

I’m a regular on both our gaming and anime podcasts here on Capsule so check those out if you want to hear me complain about retro titles, pessimism over various industry news and rejoice over the amount of fan service and breasts in any given anime or game.

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Geek. Gamer. University of Toronto Student. Foodie. Sushi and Bubble Tea Addict. Fountain Pen and Notebook Lover.

Some people call me Jamie, some people know me better as Laike. I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember. I still have fond memories of my cousin putting me in front of a computer and teaching me how to play Quake but not quite old enough to understand that the red water really was lava. I thought I could escape writing about video games and technology, but I just couldn’t do it. So here I am, back for more.

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Andrew Day

Hey everyone, I’m Andrew. I’ve been a gamer all my life, in fact one of my earliest memories was sitting on my mum’s lap as a toddler and playing Super Mario Bros. then crying because I couldn’t do underwater levels. Fast forward to today and now I am the one saving my mum from the water levels in New Super Mario Bros.  That’s what I think is so great about video games, they inspire passion and emotion out of everyone, as well as providing memories that last a lifetime.

Outside of gaming, I am an avid comic-book reader, always staying up to date on everything from Batman’s Latest exploits to Spider-Man’s troubled life, all the way through to Rick Grimes’ constant struggle against the undead.

Other than being a major nerd (and proud of it), I am currently studying Economics/Business at the University of New England. The reason I joined Capsule Computers is because the video game and pop culture industry is constantly changing, and is filled with a plethora of stories for the world to hear; and I want to be the storyteller.


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Well, The name is Dustin and I am 22 years old and have been gaming for about 17 years. As a kid, I always ended up with hand me downs for systems, so I worked my way up from Atari from the get go in gaming. When it comes to games, I play it all. I look for unique, obscure games that nobody gives a chance because to me, finding a gem of a game is worth sifting through the bad or poorly designed. I don’t do system wars, as I think every system has it’s own pros and cons. I do remember banking in hours and hours playing Pokemon Red & Silver on my game boy, and hopping online for Socom and Smackdown vs Raw with my PS2 when online was new and exciting.

Even now with Halo 3 and many other new titles. I never play online games to win though, just to kill time and meet some of the cool and insane people online. As the gaming industry evolves, excitement dies as fast as it grows, because of the next big thing is always right around the corner. Which is why I am with Capsule Computers, to be a part of the madness that is the industry and share some opinions of my own with all of you.

Now by chance if you wanted to know anything else, catch me on, my twitter is by no means pure excitement, but I will be keeping up to date with what I am playing, doing, twitter stuff, ect, ect ect.

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Hi all, I’m Sergei and I’m a huge fan of gaming, tech, anime and Japanese pop-culture. You can probably tell I’m a bit of a Saber fan, just a bit. I’ve been gaming since the PC glory days of the 90s: the likes of Doom II, Warcraft II, Dune and Red Alert. Strategy, sprites and use of the noggin’. My first entry into consoles was the PS1 but PC gaming consumed me right up until the PS3’s mid-life cycle. Since then I have been on an unhealthy binge of everything I’ve missed out on, and more. I’m attracted to niche games and JRPGs but will play anything from obscure visual novels to God of War. My heart will always be on Steam, however, as little attention as it gets sometimes.

I’m a bit of a maniac with the Land of the Rising Fun. A quiet maniac. One that soaks it all in gleefully with a straight face. My foray into anime began as a kid with the usual: DBZ, Gundam and the sort. I watch the latest anime seasons and enjoy anything from the lewd to the amazing. You’ll have to forgive me though; I can’t keep up with all the shounen stuff. Kids these days…

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Hey fellow gamers,

My name is Vicky. I’m not an idealised or stereotypical gamer-girl. I venture into all types of online, console and board games, chess, comics, films and more importantly my own short stories and poetry.

My journey began, much like everyone else, in the early years of childhood; where I found a growing addiction for escapism on my game boy colour in the Pokemon universe. It was not enough to have all the different colour versions, I also got the trading Pokemon card game for my competitive nature. From what I can remember in my primary school years, I became obsessed with Super Smash Bros and Super Mario Kart on my Nintendo 64, playing endless hours of rampage with siblings and friends. After purchasing a playstation 2, I became interested in games that offered me an alternative to fast-track my learning on how to skate with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, play guitar on Guitar Hero and drive via Simpsons Hit and Run.

Once I finished high school, I started studying Creative Writing and Marketing at Macquarie University and decided to become more involved in strategy-based games, such as chess and dungeons and dragons. Over the last 2 years, I have undertaken a liking towards horror adventure and survival games; Anna, DayZ and Hitman on steam and comic-inspired games; The Walking Dead and Batman: Arkham City on playstation 3. By challenging myself to take on sinister and mysterious paths, such as Darksiders 2, Dishonored and Shadows of the Damned on xbox 360, I am more driven to write about my interests and share my experiences with other gamers. Mid-last year, when I started writing film reviews for Mosca Media Australia, I realised that I should expand my perspective towards gaming, technology and entertainment.

I think that as a contributor of capsule computers, I can offer more than just an overview; an inside voice of a character… you might just want to play.

Nathan Farrugia –
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I’m Nathan. I’ve been a fan of gaming ever since I got a SNES and Donkey Kong Country for my 6th birthday. From then I really stuck with the console experience and have owned pretty much every Nintendo and Playstation console. My favourite games include the Crash Bandicoot series, the Donkey Kong Country Series, Mario Tennis on N64, Pokemon, anything Dragonball Z and probably one of my favourite games of all time Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Did I mention I love Dragonball Z, I’ve probably watched the whole series at least 5 times. I studied video game design at Monash University and have been attempting to make my own apps in my spare time.

My dream is to be the lead creator on my very own large scale adventure game on the leading consoles at the time. When I’m not staring at screens, I enjoy playing tennis, table tennis and hanging out with friends down at the bar or club. I  love travelling and have been to America and Japan so far. Loved every second of it.

Hopefully you guys enjoy what I have to offer here :)


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Hey everyone, my name is Kyle and I’m currently a university student studying to become a high school teacher. Teaching may not have much to do with video games and anime, but I’ve been a gamer ever since the original release of Pokemon Ruby, and I’ve been watching anime since the heavily edited adaptation of Pokemon first aired (and OF COURSE Sailor Moon). Five years ago I began watching more anime, and now I’m a huge fan of anime. I’m against the sexism in the video game industry and the anime world and I’d like to use this opportunity to be a writer for Capsule Computers to draw attention to the inequalities portrayed in video games and anime and try and make a difference. As much difference as one otaku can make, anyway.

Oh, and any rumours floating around that I’m a member of Team Magma are false. COMPLETELY FALSE.

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Hey all, my name’s Brandon, and I’m a gamer. Of multiple types. I’m active in my local wargaming community, and I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid. Mostly Nintendo and Microsoft, until I got into the wonders that is PC gaming, where I’ve stayed for some time. I’ve become pretty fond of open-world type games, though I’m a fair hand at FPS and RPG games and I play a good number of indie-games and roguelites. I play online some of the time, but by no means am I an expert of online shooters; I play for the community and just to enjoy the interaction of gamers coming together.

Outside of gaming, I have my BA in History, focusing on medieval & Roman history, and I do full-contact swordfighting. I enjoy a wide variety of media, including anime, science fiction movies/books, fantasy books, and many others. I enjoy photography, and try to never pass up a chance to go to a pop culture convention. I also get quite nerdy about antiques and I collect various vintage items, including fountain pens, vinyl records, pottery, and watches.



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Sanjay Purbha

I was discovered in Wellington in 1991, how I came to this planet I actually can’t remember. My Console experience is pretty low. well two to be exact, but I have a laptop loaded with stem and every chance I get for a new game I take.

Well my gaming is low but I am a true enthusiast for Japanese animation. Yes I watch anime and damn proud of it, my fave anime is Elfen Lied (if you haven’t watched it DO IT NOW!!!). I will watch anything and as long as the story is good and all elements fit in with the anime I will enjoy it. The old stuff is great but I love waiting for what is next in the C.A. season.

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“Born in Eastern Europe somewhere, raised in the heart of darkness, now serving out his life sentence in the convict colony continent (‘Straya!). Obsessed with all things geek culture. I started gaming young with things like the original ‘Age of Empires’. Started even earlier with films thanks to the work of Charlie Chaplin (‘Modern Times’ and the ‘The Kid’ are my favourite). Movies and gaming are what kept me company throughout my younger years as my family moved from continent to continent (Cue sad violin).

I got heavily into geek culture when I entered uni and joined a society which dealt with such interests. I ended up overdosing on geek and in no time at all, I staged a coup within said society to become its beloved El Presidente. In that time I became acutely aware of my own interest and talent for pen and paper roleplaying games, with a preference for the 40k roleplaying series. I lost power when a pretender staged their own coup, but my love of geek culture has continued to the present day.

I write for/make movies/games/plays/trouble and aim to entertain/inform/provoke thought.

My favourite genre of games is strategy, with lots of love being given to the old XCOM series as well as its new reboot (CURSE YOU SECTOPODS!). I also like RPGs, cooperative online games, and, every once in a while (when the stars are right), a first-person shooter.

I don’t have a favourite genre of film, but my favourite film of all time is ‘Lord of War’ as I couldn’t help but be hooked by its amazing opening sequence (Seriously, go check it out) alongside the style of Andrew Niccol in that particular piece.

I don’t know what else to add here, so I’ll just apologise for my gratuitous use of asides and hope that you enjoy my work…”

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Gamertag : Marr 117

The name’s Michael if you’re one for being formal. Or Marr 117 if I’m on Xbox Live, and no doubt blowing your head off. If not, then call me by my most widely used name: Spike. I’m currently 22 at time of writing. I have been gaming for the past 19 years of my little old life. That’s right folks, I started my lifelong… er… let’s not say obsession, that’s an ugly word… FASCINATION. Yeah, that’s it. -Fascination with video games at the meagre age of 3. My first console which I started playing was the SNES, on which I played my earliest video game memory: Super Mario World! I think my parents have always regretted letting me have it, but from my perspective, buying me all those Sonic the Hedgehog videos didn’t do their argument any favours.To this day, I remain a HUGE HUGE HUUUUUGE fan of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I’ve played pretty much every Sonic game in existence, (excluding the game gear titles). Even if some of the games haven’t been up to Genesis scratch, I still enjoy them, no matter what. That said, I still love to play games of all varieties, as long as I can get them on my beloved Xbox360. (But I will also settle for PC, Wii and DS.) Among my current favourite series’ would have to be Halo, Left 4 Dead, Sonic, Fire Emblem and Mass Effect. But don’t just limit me to those. I’m also a huge fan of anime and sci-fi in general. In particular, Gundam stands atop the rest as my favourite anime series ever. Giant Robots. I dig them. You dig them. Chicks dig them.

What’s not to love?As you can probably tell, games and Anime are my passions, and I absolutely love being able to write and review them.

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Hey everyone, I’m Alex and I love video games and soccer (but as a British guy, the correct name is football).  I love both in equal measure.  My top 3 video games include Deus Ex (the original and only the original), System Shock 2 and Goldeneye.  I enjoy all kinds of games but there is one that I can’t stand because I suck at them and that’s rhythm music games.  I just can’t physically do it. At the time of writing, I mainly play PC and PS4 games, but currently waiting to pick up the new xbox once I clear a nice space for it.

I graduated university in 2012 with a degree in Geography, specifically studying about tectonic plates, their movement and how they cause earthquakes.  It sounds boring I know, but to me, it’s amazing and reading about such topics are just about the only thing that can distract me from playing games or watching sports.

I live in Kanagawa, Japan – so if any of you come over this way, please let me know.  Let’s drink copious amounts of beer (or melon soda if you don’t drink) and yakitori together.

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My name is Zac Elawar, and I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (Specialisation in Games Design) course at Qantm College, Sydney.

I have been a gamer and self-claimed cinephile my whole life, but decided to take my love for the video games industry that next step further by entering the aforementioned games design course at Qantm College, Sydney, in February of 2010. There I achieved High Distinctions in multiple units, and learnt a variety of skills, including scriptwriting, character development, level design, 3D modelling, basic programming, fundamentals of art, and much more, all the while broadening my understanding of the processes involved in game development. It was an accelerated course, fitting essentially three years of content into two, but I loved my time there and gained an even higher level of appreciation for each and every person who works in the industry.

I undertook an internship at production house “The Project Factory” here in Sydney which was directly linked to the major project I was managing for my games design course – a game called “A Night’s Quarter” – which was featured on many other websites, many as part of articles on our year’s major projects on a whole, and the future of the industry in Australia. I was also accepted as a writing intern for upstart gaming social networking website Loki’s Planet this January after giving in a sample piece, and have had eleven articles featured. Now I am proud to be a contributor to Capsule Computers!