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New Developer Vision Video Unveiled

Sydney, Australia, 29 April, 2022:  Crossfire: Legion – the real time strategy (RTS) game featuring tactical action in furious battles across a shattered version of the near future and in Early Access from 25 May, 0100 AEST – is coming to ESL Play (Electronic Sports League). Competitors will be battling it out across one of three global regions – Asia, Europe or North America – with the qualifiers held from 5 June and the grand finals being held on 28 June with cash prizes for the winners. The finals will be streamed live on the Prime Matter Twitch channel:

Players looking at throwing their hat in the ring can register from today on the ESL Play website ( until 5 June.

This announcement comes as the developer releases a video outlining their vision and thinking behind the title, combining the fundamentals of a classic RTS with the competitive elements of modern gaming.

Watch the Developer’s Vision:

Crossfire: Legion has you taking control of a fearless faction commander and their army of one of three factions – Black List, Global Risk and New Horizon – as they battle for supremacy across a wide variety of terrains and environments in both single and multiplayer campaigns.

Players build their own customised army that will – hopefully – enable then to vanquish their enemies. But, as the old cliché goes, no plan survives the first engagement, so be prepared to think on your toes and adapt your strategy as the game progresses; it’s up to you to prove your strategic prowess on the battlefield.

Crossfire: Legion on Steam:

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