Physics-based Sandbox Game Sea of Craft Releases on Steam Early Access Tomorrow!

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Wizard Games Global has announced the Steam Early Access release of their sandbox building and exploration game Sea of Craft tomorrow, April 29th. Driven by realistic simulated physics, Sea of Craft combines maritime sandbox building gameplay with puzzle-solving and exploration elements. The Early Access version includes single-player levels, multiplayer PvP, a full building toolkit, and workshop sharing features. With over 180 unique parts to choose from, players have free rein in the shipyard, be it kitting out a vessel for exploration or challenges, or just building something fun to share with other players.

Check out the Early Access trailer here

About Sea of CraftClear Single Player Levels. Fancy a brainteaser? Sea of Craft single-player levels take you step by step through a range of challenges to test not only your building ingenuity but also your piloting and problem-solving abilities.

Explore the Ocean. Set sail and feel the ocean waves rippling beneath your feet. Explore the ancient remains of the lost civilizations of Beela. Liberate strongholds from pirates and collect new building parts for your new journeys.

Build it Your Way. With more than 180 parts to choose from, build your own very unique ship. Craft anything, from sea-skimming hovercrafts to ground-rumbling tanks; from majestic dragons to ocean abominations.

Face Other Captains. Turn the cannons on your fellow sea captains in Multiplayer. Build your very own combat-ready ship and blast your enemies back to the shipyard.


About Wizard Games Global Founded in 2021, Wizard Games Global is one of China’s leading development studios of leisure competitive games. The company developed and published more than ten video games. 

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